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Frequently Asked Questions by Buyers

Our 3 Ply Disposable Face Mask and other grades of mask stocks come directly from China.

We are able to directly contact and inspect the factories and stock that are within our Mainland office's operating area (within province).

Please browse our website ( to verify our business operations and expertise.

It depends, usually ready stock of masks will be disbursed to our wholesalers and pre-order customers within 1-2 working days.

For those who wish to wait for ready-stock, you may purchase from our wholesales, or choose to receive notification via WhatsApp or email when our balance stock is available.

Please provide your phone or email to our Sales Office if you are keen to be notified.

Yes, we are able to arrange freight by air and sea from China to various locations in the world. Please speak with our Sales Office to make further arrangements.

There is no MOQ. Surgical masks are packed in box of 50 pieces.

Order and pay for any pre-order amounts (1 box and above), or make payment for ready stock (subject to availability).

For payments in Singapore, we accept:

  • Bank Transfer to account number 629-480641-001, Ares Marketing LLP
  • Paynow to UEN T10LL1848E, Ares Marketing LLP

For global payments, we accept:

  • WeChat Pay: Please request details from finance and indicate you wish to pay with WeChat Pay.
  • Credit/Debit Card: Please request for details from finance, and you will receive an invoice with a link to make payment via Stripe. An additional of 5% fee (based on total original invoice amount) will be charged due to Stripe's currency charges and transaction fee.
  • Telegraphic Transfer (TT)
    • Account Name: Ares Marketing LLP
    • Account Number: 629-480641-001
    • Beneficiary Bank: Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation Limited Singapore
    • Intermediary Bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York, New York, USA, SWIFT Code: CHASUS33

Pre-order prices are lower by 25% on average, depending on batch and shipment. Prices also depend on shipment and batch, as material prices are affecting our factories' output and pricing.

Pre-orders require upfront 100% upfront payment in order to guarantee stock allocation.

Ready stock orders are directly available for collection from our inventory, subject to availability.

Stocks will be guaranteed available for you based on the amount of cash paid up.

Stock will be prioritised for pre-orders (cash paid up) and regular traders (those who purchase from us before).

All pre-orders will get their stock unless unexpected circumstances occur (stock confiscation by customs, air freight crash or sea freight sink).

Due to current Covid-19 situation, delays in freight are to be expected.

Yes, delivery is available, subject to additional delivery fees.

Delivery fees have to be paid before delivery is arranged.

We only accept 100% cash up front for pre-orders.

For ready-stock in Singapore (grab and go), we accept 100% cash upon collection/delivery of goods. If cash is insufficient at point of collection, stocks will strictly not be released.

No, stocks quantity will still be delivered to you or prepared for your collection.

Customers who pre-order and pay upfront 100%, will get their allocated quantity of goods at the agreed upon invoice price. There is no MOQ, we accept 1 box order and above (as of March 2020), as we have direct local operations with our factories.

Customers (first time buyers) can choose to opt for 'grab-and-go' approach will not be promised any stock availability, and prices are 20%-30% higher than pre-order prices, as factories do not accept any payment terms (since March 2020).

We've been around since 2010, served and continue to serve major financial institutions and brands in Singapore. We are here to stay.

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Contact Sales Office

Please contact our sales office via WhatsApp HERE or via the link below.

Due to the current COVID 19 situation, please expect some delays in response from our sales office.

A list of common questions has been compiled above. Please take time to read through as they cover 80% - 90% of the questions asked by buyers. Cheers.

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